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Governance Specialists, Performance Measurement Experts, Management Consultants, Author, Coaches, Mentors.

Providing customized strategic planning, performance measurement, and governance solutions to senior management in the public and private sectors.

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A combination of management expertise and consulting experience with senior managers in the public and private sector, together with graduate/post graduate education, enables the principals of BPC to provide a highly unique and effective approach to solving real-world problems in planning and decision-making.

Technical expertise in information management / information technology complements this service portfolio.


Less than 1 % of all organizations have effective performance measurement systems. The cost of ineffective decision-making costs billions annually.

This LDM approach is intended for managers and practitioners in both of private or public sector organizations, regardless of size, to provide the knowledge and skills to manage the development, implementation and maintenance of a PM System.


The EDA eliminates the major reasons for project failure. It provides the principles, measures, and an Implementation strategy in necessary to improve decision- making within the project by enabling proactive problem solving and by institutionalizing continuous improvement. It will provide the knowledge and skills required to effectively measure progress and provide the feedback necessary to ensure the success of major projects.


The Governance course provides the knowledge and skills required to maximize the contribution of IM/IT in the delivery of programs and services. More specifically, this course provides the principles, roles and responsibilities, decision-making process, inclusion/excision criteria, and development/implementation process to improve the quality of decisions and return on IM/IT investments.

What Sets Us Apart

We provide tailored business solutions based upon an interactive, facilitative and synergistic style of consulting. This ensures client involvement and ownership in the understanding, diagnosis and development of successful solutions

Two highly senior consulting partners,both of whom are Governance specialists,, Performance Measurement Experts, and Management Consultants are involved in all aspects of the client consulting project providing the ability to provide perspective and best practices from a variety of different perspectives and disciplines. No junior consultants are used in the process.

Our solutions to client issues in business planning, governance and performance measurement are based upon our own intellectual property that have proven successful on the client site and by being published in recognized professional journals.

How Do We Compare

Based on 25 years of consulting in the National Capital Region we have developed an intimate knowledge of the federal government environment, This continuous presence of 2 very senior consultants gives us the ability to quickly understand the issues, and develop solution options based upon our unique intellectual property and approaches. This reduces ramp up time, cost and ensures greater probability of success.

Given the senior but smaller nature of the firm the costs associated with delivery of effective solutions are much more economical than those of much larger firms providing the same service.

We always undertake 2 roles in every project. The first is the consulting role to diagnose and develop a sustainable and successful solution. This is the standard practice among most consulting organizations. But we take this one step further, by providing a mentoring and coaching presence to ensure that solutions developed with the client are self-sustaining.

BPC Management Consultants clients include
senior managers within the public and private sectors

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