Bryan Shane and Patricia Lafferty

About BPC Management Consultants: Bryan Shane
About BPC Management Consultants: Patricia Lafferty
Founded in 1985, BPC Management Consultants, is a worldwide client-centered, Canadian management consulting firm consisting of Bryan Shane and Patricia Lafferty. It provides highly customized services to senior managers in both the private and public sectors. BPC works with its clients to assist them in mobilizing their resources, thus enabling clients to peruse their objectives, make effective decisions, and be productive from a short and long-term perspective.

Within the Canadian and international marketplace, BPC works with its clients in an interactive manner to develop and implement tailored solutions to improve the operational and strategic performance of their organizations. BPC provides services in business planning, performance measurement, governance, change management, and coaching/mentoring. Technical expertise in information management/information technology complements this service portfolio.

Bryan M. Shane

Senior Partner, Governance Specialist, Performance Measurement Expert, Management Consultant, Author, Coach, Mentor

Mr. Shane possesses the unique combination of senior management and consulting experience in both private industry and the public sector. For more than 39 years Mr. Shane has worked with his clients in a highly interactive manner to develop and implement tailored solutions to improve the operational and strategic performance of their organizations™. His areas of expertise include: governance, strategic planning, performance measurement and service improvement, His well-developed coaching, motivational and communication skills enable him to build lasting relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization while delivering effective solutions to real-world problems.  Mr. Shane is comfortable working on either the program delivery or the IT side of the organization.

Professional Experience and Expertise

Patricia J. Lafferty

Ms. Lafferty has extensive experience as a senior professional manager. For over twenty-five years, she has served as a senior consultant to both private industry and the federal government. Her areas of specific expertise are management consulting, strategic change management, facilitation, implementation planning, human systems intervention, and management coaching and skills development. Ms. Lafferty is dedicated to the creative resolution of project challenges and the harmonious integration of change into the organizational structure through effective participation by all concerned. Her excellent motivational, interpersonal and communication skills enable her to liaise effectively with clients, executive level management and all levels of staff.

Professional Experience and Expertise

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