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Informed Decisions by Design  

The LDM to Performance Measurement provides:

Leadership driven Method to Performance Measurement

The Solution is The Leadership Driven Method

This book provides the knowledge and skills to ensure that public organizations have the indispensable feedback necessary to steer their organizations through the countless changing conditions that interfere with achieving the goals of the strategic plan.

The Leadership Driven Methodology as defined and described in this book provides the reader within the public and not-for-profit domains with the know-how to begin the process of developing and implementing a balanced and sound performance measurement system. It describes:

•         The prerequisites necessary;

•         The approach needed;

•         The principles upon which it is based;

•         The stages of development and implementation; and,

•         The integration strategies.

"The thorough and precise business book The Leadership-Driven Method (LDM) to Performance Measurement details diagnostic tools for enhancing performance measurement at the organizational level."
-Foreword Clarion Review

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