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The ONLY Governance & Performance Measurement How To Books you'll EVER Need

to make wise informed decisions by design

Informed Decisions by Design  

The LDM to Performance Measurement provides:

Leadership driven Method to Performance Measurement

The Solution is The Leadership Driven Method

This book provides the knowledge and skills to ensure that public organizations have the indispensable feedback necessary to steer their organizations through the countless changing conditions that interfere with achieving the goals of the strategic plan.

The Leadership Driven Methodology as defined and described in this book provides the reader within the public and not-for-profit domains with the know-how to begin the process of developing and implementing a balanced and sound performance measurement system. It describes:

•         The prerequisites necessary;

•         The approach needed;

•         The principles upon which it is based;

•         The stages of development and implementation; and,

•         The integration strategies.

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Wise Decisions by Design  

The 3P Approach to Governance provides:

The 3P Approach to Governance

A model to understand the five components of governance: principles, structure, process, evaluation criteria and inclusion/exclusion criteria. Using these components you will come to understand the dynamics of organizational decision making as it applies to any public or not-for-profit organization.

Diagnostic tools: We call these ‘windows.’ Each window is used to diagnose the issues within each of these five governance components that can lead to ineffective governance practices. With these tools, you will recognize and learn from failed governance practices. By recognizing them, you can also correct them with all the attendant benefits. The demonstrated results of effective governance will only reinforce continued success and lead to continued organizational and public acclaim. 


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Eliminates dysfunctional public sector governance practices

The ideas, concepts and tools in this book facilitate streamlined, accountable and productive decision making. It eliminates dysfunctional public sector governance practices that are personalized, non-transparent and inefficient

Dragan Veljovic , Founder Past , President & CEO. Maplesoft Consulting

The 3P Approach balances the interests of multiple participants in the public organization

The 3P Approach balances the interests of multiple participants in the public organization (management, employees, clients and other parties) by winning their commitment, while staying aligned with the overall strategic direction and within fiscal constraints

Dave Presley , Past President of DWP Solutions

An important and useful work

This is an important and useful work for those committed to a rational decision making process. The governance principles enunciated and the analytical tools provided are at the centre of an explicit process that will not only result in better decision making but will also produce a paper trail demonstrating the path leading to the decision(s)

Yves Gosselin , Retired Canadian Federal Government Executive

The 3P Approach enables rigour and discipline

The 3P Approach enables the same rigour and discipline to be applied to public funding as most private citizens use for their personal finances.

Don Gribble , CEO C-Team Systems retired

Excellent blueprint for improving the governance of public sector and non-profit organizations

This book consolidates the authors’ many years of consulting experience to provide an excellent blueprint for improving the governance of public sector and non-profit organizations

Dr Scott Edward Bennett PhD , Associate Professor of Political Science, Carleton University and Managing Director, Community Analytics Institute:

An asset for both management consultants and their clients

Today's managers have a wealth of business books, tools and guides available to them. This one stands out for several important reasons: (1) it is based on many years of actual experience; (2) it includes numerous practical, easily applicable tools that can produce clear, actionable results; and (3) it provides ways to remediate problems the tools diagnose. An asset for both management consultants and their clients

Tim Beasley , CMC

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