Experience and Expertise


Patricia J Lafferty

    Change Management:

    • Developed and designed governance structures for several key federal government program.
    • As a senior member of the Transition Management Team for a major federal department;
      • Developed the partnership specifics
      • Defined new roles and responsibilities and obtained agreement
      • Coached team members and addressed communication needs
    • Designed business transformation processes to help organizations focus their business by:
      • Defining mission and business objectives;
      • Conducting a current situation analysis leading to the development of an integrated understanding of the business;
      • Identifying opportunities for change and improvement;
      • Assessing new business opportunities and directions;
      • Developing the strategic and operational plans; and
      • Determining appropriate action plans;
    • Assisted in the design and implementation of the re-organization of several organizations (including one team-based organization) by:
      • Assessing the problems surrounding service delivery
      • Identifying the ‘real’ underlying problems
      • Defining the appropriate structure to deliver the business;
      • Developing team building processes (e.g., decision making, conflict resolution); and
      • Developing the plans for implementation of the structure;
    • Designed a communication framework to disseminate the Enhanced Management Framework to all of the federal government and to encourage participation and support.
    • Conducted internal environmental scans to assess issues and identify potential solutions with recommendations. Developed and designed governance structures for several key federal government programs.
    • Designed, developed and delivered courses in organizational development

    Human Resource Strategies

    • Identified, designed and implemented staff development strategies
    • Assessed management skills and developed programs for skill development
    • Delivered coaching and mentoring for management skill development and practice
    • Identified succession needs and developed plans
    • Conducted human systems impact analyses and developed approaches to address staff needs prior to the implementation of systems or organizational change
    • Developed implementation strategies and interventions for the successful for the implementation and work integration with complex IT systems
    • Designed, developed and delivered training courses to meet specific needs
    • Developed and delivered ‘train-the-trainer’ courses


    • Designed and facilitated senior executive workshops to achieve a variety of objectives including: visioning and strategic planning, team building, issue identification and resolution, business planning, and assessing technology impacts;
    • Created orientation documents and preparatory exercises to ensure all participants were adequately prepared;
    • Created interview processes that accelerated information gathering and encouraged participants to confer with colleagues, clients, service providers;
    • Ensured involvement of client representatives at key steps in the process;
    • Created workshop exercises tailored to the individual client needs and workshop objectives;
    • Captured results of workshops for distribution to all participants.

    Project Management:

    • Coached delivery teams in project management methodologies;
    • Ensured consistent business practices between and among project teams;
    • Led teams in the development of training approaches and materials;
    • Managed the implementation of office automation technology within several private sector firms;
    • Consistently completed projects on time and within budget;
    • Emphasized communication with the client as a key to successful projects.

    Information Systems Implementation Planning

    • Developed and designed implementation strategies and plan for complex IT systems
    • Participated in the development of user interfaces for a leading edge office automation product
    • Designed and facilitated workshops to evaluate current automation and identify opportunities for improvement;
    • Conducted impact analyses and investment opportunity analyses;
    • Presented results to the decision making body of the respective organizations.

    Training Planning and Delivery:

    • Developed implementation and intervention strategies for the implementation of a 100 user integrated office automation system
    • Developed training and documentation materials for a major integrated hospital financial management system
    • Managed the development of system documentation and user training materials
    • Developed train-the-trainer materials
    • Coordinated a Needs Assessment to determine actual training, documentation and change management requirements;


    Ontario Teacher's Certificate, Ottawa Teacher's College

    Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University

    Masters of Education (Administration), University of Ottawa

Security Clearance: Secret