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Performance measurement at the organizational level is often very complex and extremely difficult to accomplish.  Extremely busy schedules of senior managers and a lack of resources are contributing factors.  At the program or service level managers are often left to their own devices to effectively manage their portfolio without adequate information for decision-making.   A less intrusive, simpler and less expensive form of performance measurement is necessary at the program or service level.

The EDA to Program/Service Measurement provides a tested, flexible, and relatively inexpensive means to delivering an effective program or service and ensuring client satisfaction. It is a 7-step process in which each stage must be approved before moving to the next.  The steps include:

  • Program/Service Orientation
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Program/Service Measurement Strategy
  • Measures Development
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Selection, Implementation and Evaluation of Pilots
  • Implementation across the Program or Service

EDA to Program or Service Measurement

  • Provides the framework for decision making so that managers have a basis for making decisions that conform and support the strategic directions of the program or service
  • Facilitates proactive identification of issues / exceptions that need to be considered by managers in order to deliver the program or service effectively.
  • Facilitates improved communication and collaboration between program /service manager and its clients by identifying issues related to its effectiveness.
  • Is a relatively inexpensive investment when integrated with an overall program or service management.
  • Many of the developed Measurement Tools required to effectively measure a program or service need only to be adapted to the specific environment.

The following published article provide more information on the practical application of the EDA:

Excellence Driven Approach to Major Project Measurement:
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