Experience and Expertise


Bryan M. Shane 
Senior Partner
Governance Specialist, Performance Measurement Expert, Management Consultant, Author, Coach, Mentor


      Developed a proprietary approach to governance called the 3p Approach to Governance-Principles, Process and Performance. It is designed to improve, assess and report on the health of public and not-for-profit organizational decision making practices;

      Conducted governance audits to assess the health of governance regimes;

      Created, improved and implemented governance systems;

      Developed Governance Policy, Framework and Communication Strategies for major IT and program sectors of government organizations; and

      Bryan M Shane provided Governance Report Cards to monitor and report on the health of governance programs.

      Strategic Planning

      Conducted Planning Audits to determine the health of business planning practices in public sector organizations;

      Conducted scans to determine the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats posed by internal/external environments;

      Designed strategic plans and transformation processes to help organizations focus their business;

      Defined vision/mission statements and business objectives;

      Identified opportunities for change and improvement;

      Developed strategies and initiatives to link strategic direction to operational decision making;

      Developed operational plans and determined appropriate action plans;

      Developed business planning processes to update business and operational plans;

      Provided Planning Report Cards to monitor and report on the health of the planning practices.

      Performance Measurement

      Developed a proprietary approach to Performance Measurement called the Leadership Driven Method (LDM). It is designed to develop, improve, assess and report on the status of performance measurement practices;

      Conducted Performance Measurement Audits to determine the effectiveness of public sector measurement practices;

      Developed and implemented Performance Measurement Systems in both Program and IT sectors;

      Developed PM Strategies to provide a roadmap for the development of PM Systems outlining the overall approach, roles and responsibilities, principles, stages in the development process and integration strategies;

      Developed balanced and index based performance measures to provide the feedback necessary to reward accomplishments and identify strategic issues interfering with the attainment of achievement of the organization's mission and objectives;

      Conducted Information Gap Analyses to determine information requirements to support performance measures;

      Developed Implementation Strategies to define data collection, analysis and reporting requirements;

      Developed service standards and benchmarks;

      Provided Performance Measurement Report Cards to monitor and report on the health of the planning practices.

      Service Improvement

      Completed service improvement strategies clarifying and/or defining roles/responsibilities, services, service standards, performance measures and benchmarks;

      Conducted internal and external environmental scans to identify issues interfering with operational performance along with recommendations to address these concerns;

      Conducted service improvement studies of public sector operations with recommendations in the areas of organizational climate, services, structure, resourcing, staff competencies, business processes and service standards;

      Completed Treasury Board Submissions and Business Cases outlining objectives, costs, risks, roles/responsibilities, benefits, transition and procurement strategies;

      Completed outsourcing and downsizing projects to justify the use of outsourced and/or downsizing technologies.

      IT Project Management

      Developed a proprietary approach to IT Project Management and Measurement called the Excellence Driven Approach (EDA). It is designed to assess and improve the success rate of major crown projects in the public sector by changing the management and measurement approaches;

      Designed and developed Project Offices dedicated to the effective management of national IT projects;

      Conducted IT Issue Identification Workshops to identify issues undermining the effective use of IT and to develop solutions to deal with these issues;

      Acted as Project Manager for components of large national application development projects.

      Coaching Mentoring

      Bryan M Shane conducted coaching and mentoring programs to improve leadership and knowledge acquisition as a routine part of most projects;

      Coaching and mentoring programs routinely increased the self improvement and sustainability of projects;

      Developed a Course Measurement Index to measure the effectiveness of training from financial, design/delivery, knowledge acquisition and learning application viewpoints.


      Post Graduate Studies in Statistics/Evaluation, University of Ottawa

      Masters of Education (Administration), University of Ottawa

      Bachelor of Education, University of Ottawa

      Diploma, Community Development, Algonquin College

      Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Carleton University

Security Clearance: Secret

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