Leadership Driven Method (LDM) Course
to Developing and Implementing a Performance Measurement System...

Less than 1 % of all organizations have effective performance measurement systems. The cost of ineffective decision-making costs billions annually.

This Leadership Driven Method (LDM) approach is intended for managers and practitioners in both of private or public sector organizations, regardless of size, to provide the knowledge and skills to manage the development, implementation and maintenance of a PM System. More specifically, the LDM course details:


  • Rationale
  • Definition
  • Benefits

The Prerequisites for Effective Performance Measurement

  • Business Plan
  • Management Leadership and Support
  • Orientation
  • Project Plan
  • Budget

The Performance Measurement Approach

  • Leadership
  • Process
  • Principles

The Stages in the Development of a Performance Measurement System

  • Readiness Assessment
  • Business Plan Enhancement
  • Performance Measurement Strategy
  • Performance Measurement Architecture
  • Information Profile
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Selection Implementation of Pilots
  • Evaluation of Pilots
  • Phased Implementation

Integration Strategies

  • Communication
  • Developing a Supportive Organizational Culture
  • Knowledge Transfer

Best Practices

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