Excellence Driven Approach (EDA) to Major Project Measurement Course

Why do 80% of all major projects fail? The answers for failure are well documented.

The EDA eliminates the major reasons for project failure. It provides the principles, measures, and an Implementation Strategy in necessary to improve decision- making within the project by enabling proactive problem solving and by institutionalizing continuous improvement. It will provide the knowledge and skills required to effectively measure progress and provide the feedback necessary to ensure the success of major projects.

This course on EDA is intended for project managers and practitioners in both the private or public sector organizations, regardless of size.

Course Overview:

What is Project Measurement

    • Rationale
    • Definition
    • Benefits of EDA Performance Measurement

Prerequisites for Project Measurement

    Project Measurement Approach

    • Principles
    • Approach

Stages in the EDA to Major Project Measurement

    • Project Orientation
    • Readiness Assessment
    • Project Measurement Strategy
    • Project Measures Development
    • Implementation Strategies
    • Selection, Implementation and Evaluation of Pilots
    • Phased Implementation

Integration Strategies

    • Communication
    • ​Developing a Supportive Organizational Culture
    • Knowledge Transfer

Best Practices