Client Driven Approach (CDA) to Facilitation

The CDA Facilitation course is tailored to the unique requirements of each organization. It is intended for those managers and practitioners in both the private or public sector organizations who must conduct internal working sessions to resolve issues, identify new directions, design new processes, or obtain support and action for a particular endeavour.

Based upon a short needs analysis, a tailored facilitation process can be designed to address (for example):

Issue Identification

Vision / Mission

Business and Operational Planning,

Strategy Development or Enhancement,

Employee Satisfaction and/or Organizational Climate Improvement,

Client Requirements and Feedback

Continuous Improvement

Process Design

The course is designed to provide participants with knowledge, skills and practice to successfully animate organization specific requirements that are program/service specific, organization-wide, or national in scope.

Topics to be covered include:

Defining the Need

Core Competencies

Workshop Design

Report Preparation


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