Core Services


Performance Measurement

Developed Performance Measurement Systems through:

    • Conducting a Performance Measurement Audit to determine the health of measurement practices including:
      • Supportive organizational leadership and climate,
      • Performance Measurement Strategy,
      • Quality of performance measures,
      • Quality of data analysis and reporting
      • Quality of Reporting,
      • Roles and responsibilities of all concerned parties
    • Creating and implementing a proprietary Performance Measurement Approach (Leadership Driven Methodology) to guide the development and implementation of PM Systems
    • Conducting Readiness Assessments to determine the state of existing business plans and performance measurement.
    • Developing PM Strategies to provide a roadmap for the development of PM Systems outlining the overall approach, roles and responsibilities, principles, stages in the development process and integration strategies
    • Developing balanced and index based performance measures to provide the feedback necessary to reward accomplishments and identify strategic issues interfering with the attainment of achievement of the organization’s mission and objectives
    • Conducting Information Gap Analyses to determine information requirements to support performance measures.
    • Developing Implementation Strategies to define data collection,analysis and reporting requirements
    • Developing performance measurement targets in the form of service standards and benchmarks